About Us

The Arkansas Oil Marketers Association (AOMA) was formed in 1942 “to foster a cooperative spirit among” petroleum marketers. AOMA is dedicated to advancing our industry through education, legislative advocacy, and member services. 

Our members include petroleum wholesalers, full line Jobbers, convenience store operators, and the myria of businesses that serve them.  In a recent report, Arkansas has 1,600+ convenience stores that employ over 28,000 people.

AOMA offers educational opportunities for the owners and employees of member firms through seminars, workshops and training sessions. Topics covered include environmental issues and regulations, DOT hazardous materials training, c-store issues such as tobacco, alcohol and lottery regulations, legal issues for business owners and other topics our members request. 

AOMA has been very successful in its legislative initiatives due to the strong grassroots efforts of all of our members. We are a member-driven organization, and our committees and Board of Directors participate in the development of legislation and programs designed to benefit our entire association.